WARNING: This is NOT textbook eating disorders. This site is written from a Biblical viewpoint and it is presented in a very bold, no-nonsense manner. I realize that some of my audience may be very emotionally tender, and the material on these pages may be upsetting to someone who is not ready for them. On the other hand, they may very well contain the message you've needed to hear for a very long time, and thus they will bring a new hope and a new direction.

My position is that all problems are spiritual problems. The people who will likely glean the most from these pages are Christians who have been taught extensively and correctly from the Word of God. Nevertheless, even new Christians have the capacity to recognize truth if they are sensitive to the "inward witness" of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, people of all persuasions who are genuinely seeking truth, may also find answers here. If you are not a Christian, or even if you are a Christian but don't know the Bible very well (you are definitely not alone!), please--if some of the material here is foreign to you and you don't understand--ask questions!

The World Wibe Web is like a giant library. My website is like a book on the Great Shelf. You may choose to check it out, or you may choose to bypass it. I am simply making it available to you.

Expect doctrinal differences. That is part of life. If you don't agree with me on a point, that doesn't mean that God hasn't given me a message to share with you. You may be exposed to concepts you haven't been taught before, but that doesn't mean that they aren't truth and that they aren't in the Bible. Go to the WORD (not to another person who doesn't understand) and check out what I say thoroughly. Don't allow yourself to be frightened away and lose out on hearing something that will transform your life.

I am not a computer, I am a person. I care deeply for people, and my heart aches for those who are hurting. This site is an effort to put a small dent in the pain that's in the world. There's no time to waste. The best way to dispel strong delusions which keep people in bondage is to punch a hole in them with the light of God's truth. I've chosen my words as carefully as possible without compromising the truth as I understand it.

My target audience is not those who have already found answers to their problems, but those who have not. Therefore, inflammatory remarks will not receive priority, but I will focus my energies corresponding with those who really want to talk to me.

In a 12-step program I once belonged to, we had a saying for people just coming in: "Find someone who's making it and hold on!" I'm looking for even one hungry heart...is it you?



Here we go.

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